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Monday, February 27, 2012

The concept for my game

I wanted to draw my own concept for a game. My goal is to find a nice middle ground between eastern and western art and design. I look to put my own spin on designs I like but feel have either been over or under used. What's become generic and what never gets fleshed out enough.

Since I'm only doing concept art I picked some games that I want to use a framework upon which I will design my concepts mechanics around. Just to get an idea of what i'm imagining I want the social aspects and character development of something like the persona RPG's. They have the freedom to pursue lengthy relationships with the people around you and place it in a more modern setting. I imagine the combat to be more akin to Kingdom Hearts where you control one main character but each world may have a character who fights along side you.

Here are some of my notes on the basic concept and possible plot lines. This will become more fleshed out as I go.

Synopsis Ideas:

1. Family moves to new town and learns townspeople have control over dreams / some use it for evil and kill to protect their secret / use the dreams to subdue evil

2. Girl learns she can enter other peoples dreams/ dreams are corrupted or tainted and solves peoples problems in dreams/ confronts those behind dream corruption

Leah moves to a small town. Leah learns she can enter other townspeople’s dreams at night. The peoples dreams have become tainted and effect their real lives. Leah discovers she can help get rid of what taints peoples dreams. Some townspeople have the ability to control and live in dreams and essentially have a second life without sleep. (I guess it’s like that new show awake) Some of them use it to live out fantasies and relax, others to be more productive. A few have ulterior motives that may be the cause of the towns corruption.

Story Ideas:

1. Ability to jump into others mind/conscience.
2. See their true self (maybe)
3. Influence them - fight to correct what corrupts their dreams
4. Each person has their own world

Color concept W.I.P.

A concept from when I wanted the town to be very sunny and maybe by the ocean. I've changed the environment to be more cold and oppressive now so I don't think i'll finish this. 
A little bit farther along.
Started adding some details and figuring out how to render the flowers. I really should of blocked in my values first since I had trouble adding in all the dark tones. I started off too light and ended up making it harder on myself. Maybe start grey-scale next time.

Various Leah pieces and ideas

A quick pose idea with Leah and Lexi that uses the silver and  purple theme.

I might want Leah to be a little messy and her room should indicate that, plus it allows for more  interesting  environment quirks. A character trait that's visible in her environments.

Another idea that with mermaids. I would love to fit mermaids in here. 

A possible weapon pose. Fists for up close  fast combat. An agile  weapon.

I want her combat abilities to be visible with each type of armor. When battling in a dream state her weapons and armor are transformable. They are made of a living organic material that can change to fit her situation, she is in a dream and possesses the ability to take advantage of the freedom being unbound to reality allows.
I want to have a well rounded arsenal for her. from up close melee with fists and swords to long range projectiles and maybe a few surprises. More on that to come. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Props From Game Assets

Some props that include a zombie killing weapon and a steampunk piano that needs some work.

More Sketches

A few More sketches from around june 2010.

Some Random Sketches

Here are a few recent sketches i've done between classes.

Game Production Models

A bunch of Models from My Game Production Class and a grenade dispenser modeled after the style of Team Fortress 2 as well as a axe modeled from concept art from Lineage ll and a street box.

Saturday, September 11, 2010